Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Focus or Zero Focus?

These days many people, especially teens, are "addicted" to their hand-held devices, whether they be i-phones, other smart phones, or video games, etc.
Research is showing that this development might be detrimental to the ability to focus on other tasks, particularly ones that require extended concentration and reasoning.
Leaving that issue aside, this preoccupation with gadgets of all kinds has reached almost epidemic levels, and is problematic in many settings.
Recently, I was teaching a class, and half the students were checking their email, texting, or even playing games on their phones.
I was not really surprised or insulted, but to show them what their life was like, I had them check out this absolutely AWESOME video commercial (on their cell phones). I love this video and think it's brilliant advertising (not sure whether for Microsoft or their competition). It also really drives the point home. We can't let technology replace life. This will be the fine line that educators must walk when using and teaching about technology.

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